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  • Kombucha brewing: A log of experiments in brewing my own kombucha.
  • Books: A collection of notes and highlights from books that I'm reading, and a rating of each based on how strongly I recommend them.
  • Upgraded A/C: How I retrofit my apartment's air conditioner with Nest-like features.
  • LircRemote101: Arduino101 library to play back LIRC-formatted infrared captures using an IRLED and a GPIO pin.
  • GroveEncoder: Driver for the Grove Encoder module v1.2. Created to enable our "class" of high school students to use the encoders with the MCU's my employer donated in order to become familiar with electronics and programming.
  • cartattack.org: My first shot at making a webpage with Ruby back in 2013. A directory of Portland food carts with a few interesting features like login for cart owners and precise locations for pedestrians.
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