David A. Antler

Spanish learning log #3

I found a Spanish text book on the “free stuff table” at my apartment building and have pulled some examples from there. I’m up to 888 cards in my Anki deck, which doesn’t seem like fast progress since 3 months ago.

I had to take a business trip to Israel and learn enough Hebrew to get by, so I essentially took a few weeks break from Spanish. Getting back on the horse is tough, since Anki knows that I’ve got a ton of reviews due! I also goofed up my Duolingo streak, which got up to 125, and I didn’t feel like paying $10 to restore it.

I’m in the grammar phase of the grand plan laid out above and feel like I’m falling behind, even though nobody is measuring my progress except myself. In the grammar phase, the cards are really difficult to make and it’s hard for me to tell if they’re really helping me understand what I’m reading.