David A. Antler

Spanish learning log #2

I’m at 660 cards in my Anki deck. I probably know nearly 625 words by now. Looking at Gabriel’s list of 625 words, I cannot easily find a word that I do not know.

My Duolingo streak is up to 49 days! Their website has flashcards built in, and being unable to sync those with Anki is slightly bothering me!

Anki allows me to see 30 new words each day, but I rarely have that many unseen cards. Making cards is very slow! I would suggest going through the entire Lonely Planet phrasebook and making as many cards as possible from there. I trust that they have chosen the right words. Is an injury una lesion or una herida? Lonely Planet will tell you. Make a card for everything. You can never have enough!

I met someone on italki who was nice enough to speak to me from Colombia over WhatsApp. I am still terrible at speaking, but I was able to understand what he said most of the time. Ten minutes into the call, my brain was too exhausted to keep going! My speaking and listening skills need the most work.

So far I would agree that this method is fun and effective! I will update this later.