David A. Antler

The Master and Margarita

50th-Anniversary Edition (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

By Mikhail Bulgakov

Read: 2017-10-04
Rating: 7/10
ISBN: 0143108271

This Russian literary classic is very easy and fun to read. The story is split into two settings; Moscow as well as Jerusalem. Sarcastic but some of the satirical tone is hard to pick up. The 50th anniversary edition was annotated with lots of interesting tidbits about Russian life.

I don’t have a lot of highlights from the book, but I put together a small set of notes on all the characters. I found it difficult to keep track of who was who, since the names look similar to the non-Russian reader and there are many aliases in use. Some spoilers might be in the characters section.

my notes

Berlioz wanted to prove to the poet that the main thing was not how Jesus was, good or bad, but that this same Jesus, as a person, simply never existed in the world, and all the stories about him were mere fiction, the most ordinary mythology.

Editor and poet were both struck, not so much by Our Brand precisely turning up in the cigarette case, as by the cigarette case itself. It was of huge size, made of pure gold, and, as it was opened, a diamond triangle flashed white and blue fire on its lid.

you will regret having sent to his death a philosopher with his peaceful preaching!’

And all along his difficult way, he was for some reason inexpressibly tormented by the ubiquitous orchestra that accompanied the heavy basso singing about his love for Tatiana. (E.g. he was tired of markers of a ubiquitous life under communism)

at the present time this house was owned by that same Massolit

heard. A basso said pitilessly: ‘That’s it. Delirium